Family Letter 王棚父母亲笔信


Hello everyone,


        We are Peng’s parents, from Chengdu Sichuan. Early on the morning of April 16th, we were surprised by a phone call from across the seas, that our only son had died far from us in a foreign land.


        Our son, Peng Wang, was born in 1992. His hometown is in Santai County, Mianyang, Sichuan. Our family is a humble one. We run a small business to support our family. We still remember my son, running around with us when he was a child, helping the family business. Because he understood the burden of taking care of family, Peng showed his maturity from an early age and always displayed a hard-working spirit. He was exemplary in both character and duty.


         We wanted nothing more that to ensure that he received an education he deserved. We wanted to give him the best education we could, but this required a lot of sacrifices. We were overjoyed when he got admitted to study abroad in America, but these additional expenses required even more effort and energy from the both of us to make a brighter future for him possible. We accepted what we had to give up some things in order for him to achieve in his studies and his art. 



       All things he loved with all his heart. Our son died pursuing what he loved. He was involved in an on-set accident when a vehicle rolled over.


       Peng’s mother and I are not well educated. She works in a factory to support her family. Aside from helping with Peng’s education, we are also financially burdened by Peng’s grandmother who is suffering from cancer and his uncle who is receiving treatment for mental illness. Peng knew the hardships we were under and always wanted to work hard so he could support his family later in life. Peng was only a month away from graduating; his mother and I were looking forward to seeing him and congratulating him for his accomplishments.


       But now this will never happen. Our only wish now is to go to the United States and see our son one last time so we can offer our final goodbyes.  However, with the ongoing pandemic, traveling would stretch our financial constraints even further; to an unfeasible degree. Besides the prohibitive airfare costs, there are also fees for passports, visas, room and board, funeral expenses, transporting the body back to his home province. There will also be a number of legal expenses resulting from all this and the ensuing investigation. We apologize that we have to appeal to strangers to ask for aid, but please know we would not do this if it weren’t of the upmost important for me and the rest of Peng’s family. Please help us find some closure during these dark days. Please help us travel to the United States to return our son back to his roots.

王棚父母 于 中国时间 2022.4.22 


With the utmost gratitude,

Peng Wang's Parents: Hualun Wang & Hua Sun